To develop and nurture organizations to optimize resources, and developmental capacity, while supporting a business future that is globally competitive and sustainable.

After witnessing the failure of several viable businesses and institutions, particularly within the Caribbean, which with some form of early intervention, care and preventative remedying could have been rescued, the establishment of the Caribbean Center for Organizational Excellence (CCOE) was no longer an option; it became an obligation. Not only did those businesses die prematurely, families suffered, unemployment rose and important life long savings that was invested into these businesses was lost.

As well, there is a general consensus that organizations in general, whether public, private or socially driven, continue to be the subject of ongoing change and brutalities of economic turbulence.

Mindful of these and related economic and socio-economic challenges confronting the region, the CCOE has set out on a mission critical goal to assist with minimizing the risk of business compromise and failure, particularly within the Caribbean, by enabling varying types and sized organizations to build platforms of excellence, high performance and global competitiveness.

Achievement of this is by way of the CCOE Excellence Initiatives and a range of support services, conceptualized to encourage periodic business health and organizational diagnostic assessments, institutionalization of excellence based functional and performance measures, business knowledge enrichment, and active dialog to give effect to the realization of excellent organizations and contributory economic development. By contributing to the enabling and emergence of organizations of excellence, the CCOE is confident of the development of a Caribbean characterized by higher levels of efficiency, increased export opportunities, growth and the acceleration of global competitiveness.

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